I wish this was a post to say that we have received Oscar’s passport, but it’s not. After more than three months of waiting, we are now being told that we have to start the process over in Nairobi. Of course, this means that both Mike and Oscar will be staying in Kenya while myself and three little ones visit the states for a few weeks. 

It’s a bitter sweet time for us. I want, and honestly need, some time in America with my loved ones. Time to be refreshed by my own culture. But, this isn’t how I want to do it. I would much rather travel as a family and share the experiences as a family. This just is what God has for us right now. While I don’t understand His plans, and quite frankly I don’t really like His plans, I trust that this is from God as well. Maybe someday we will look back and know why He needed Mike and Oscar to stay behind this trip; but maybe not. Either way I will not doubt the work of God and the plan He has for my life.

We will start the process of applying for Oscar’s passport in Nairobi next week, Lord willing. If you’ve been watching International news, you may have heard that Kenya will be enduring a re-election for the President. This may cause some violence to break out across the country and more specifically in Nairobi. We will keep an eye on things and if it is safe, we will travel to Nairobi and start the process that is likely to take 6-8 weeks. 

Thank you all for praying with us and supporting us through a trying time. We are humbled by the outpouring of support! 


When God Closes a Door…

On Monday we were given a new birth certificate. It was a huge relief after more than a month of trials.

We took our new birth certificate to the Department of Immigration and unfortunately we got the feeling that the door was slammed shut in our faces. Monday was a very trying day for the McCurry’s! By God’s grace he has provided another way forward and now we are being told that Oscar could have a passport in 1-2 days. Please join us in praying that this will be the truth, that God will provide this passport even before this week is over. One thing has become very clear; apart from God we cannot accomplish this. It is only by His hands that this passport will be given to Oscar. 

Step 4: Bado Nasema Bado

I am still saying “not yet”. 

Here is the latest in our struggle to obtain a passport for Oscar. We have met with multiple government departments including the immigration office, the Kenyan equivalent of the social security office, and the district court. We have had meetings in Kapsowar, Iten, Eldoret, Kisumu, and Nairobi. Yet, we still have not been successful. Bado friends, bado.

Tomorrow, Mike is making a quick trip to Nairobi. Our hope is that Oscar will be issued a new birth certificate. With this birth certificate we will be able to return to the department of immigration and request Oscar’s passport.

Please pray with us that the senior officials in Nairobi will show grace and compassion and will approach the issue with the overall welfare of Oscar in mind. Pray for open doors and for this issue with the birth certificate to be resolved once and for all. 

We feel that this week is realistically the last week to obtain a passport if Oscar is going to be allowed to travel with me in the fall. We know that God is able to make it happen, and we pray that He does a mighty work this week! 

Step 4: Bado Bado

Every night before going to sleep Oscar prays “God, thank you for giving me a passport”. I think this is exactly what the Bible means by the term “childlike faith”. Oscar knows in his sweet little toddler sized heart that God will provide this passport, Mom and Dad are being taught a lesson in faith by our three year old!

Bado bado is Swahili for “not yet”. That’s the simple update on our journey to take Oscar to the states. Oscar’s passport application is still being processed. Two weeks after submitting his application we received a phone call from the Department of Immigration. I thought they were calling to tell us his passport was ready. Nope. They requested more documentation. It took us a couple of weeks to track down their requests but we did eventually get it done. We submitted everything via email. Now we are waiting once again. 

In my latest conversation with the immigration office I was told that Oscar’s passport will be ready Monday. We have plans to make the trip to Kisumu on Monday and hopefully stay there until we are given a passport. Will you please join us in praying fervently that Oscar will receive his passport on Monday? 

Step 3: Denied, Step 4: In Process

Its been a busy and exciting week, and it is only Wednesday! Monday morning we went to court for our final ruling to hear the judge’s decision regarding our request for proof of Kenyan Citizenship (Step 3). The judge unfortunately denied our application stating only that she did not feel we needed the court to provide proof of citizenship.

With this news we decided to proceed, as scheduled, to apply for a Kenyan passport for Oscar (Step 4). This can only be done in a few select cities in Kenya and for us, the closest place is Kisumu, a city on Lake Victoria about 5 hours from our home. We arrived in Kisumu on Monday afternoon and by God’s grace we were greeted by a very helpful immigration worker who set us up to submit an application for a passport. Two hours later we took Oscar to get his photos taken and by 5pm we were enjoying dinner at our favorite restaurant in Kenya, Java House. We spent the night in Kisumu, at a hotel with a pool. The kids loved it. We swam until dark.

Tuesday morning we arrived at the immigration office before it opened. We submitted all required documents and were given a receipt to come back when the passport is ready. Mike and I both walked out of the building asking ourselves “What just happened?”. Neither one of us is overwhelmed with confidence that this application will actually result in a passport. However, we went through all of the appropriate steps, turned in all required documents, and were given the standard receipt with a tracking number for passport pickup in about three weeks. There wasn’t anything else we could do, but the process felt rushed and almost too easy. One things is certain; it is out of our hands now. We are praying for God to continue His good work and bless us with a Kenyan passport for our boy.

Trusting and believing that God will indeed bring this passport, our final step will be to proceed to the US Embassy and apply for a tourist visa for Oscar to visit the states with us. God has done amazing things bringing us this far, this fast and we trust Him to finish this good work!


I Love My Job

Just another day in the neighborhood over here. I haven’t shared any hospital stories lately so here is a glimpse at my day:

It’s 4am, the neighbor’s (endangered) rooster is already crowing. The day starts with a call from Maternity. My first patient was a mama in need of a C-Section. A healthy baby girl joined our world this morning.

After a nap on the couch and a quick breakfast, I’m called back to Maternity for another C-Section. The world is blessed with a second healthy baby girl.

Now that my work in the operating room is done, I start my normal rounds. My first patient is my favorite patient (please don’t tell the others that I have a favorite). She is a beautiful five month old malnourished little one. By God’s grace, her Mama’s hard work, and my limited knowledge on malnourishment she is growing well and gaining weight like a pint-sized champ! Next, I head over to Maternity where I counsel a husband and wife for infertility and make a plan for referral for further lab tests.

Its about this time that I get wind of not only our hospital’s blood shortage but a national blood shortage. I’m also informed that one of my CS Mama’s is anemic, there’s no blood available, and the two of us just happen to have the same blood type. Off to the lab I go to donate blood. It’s quick and relatively painless and the lab staff rewards me with a bottle of Coke. Not a bad deal.

Back in Maternity I round on 7 new mama’s, then head to the New Born Unit. My precious patients in the NBU range from premie babies, to a baby with Meconium Aspiration, to Neonatal jaundice with a bilirubin high enough to cause Kernicterus. I also stop to write a referral for one baby to go to the city for a cranial ultrasound. Heading out of the NBU I’m stopped by a mom with tears in her eyes. Her baby has meconium aspiration and she’s scared. I take a few minutes to explain things to her and encourage her about the improvements her baby has made so far. Relieved she thanks me and I continue on my way.

After lunch I admit another baby with jaundice. Through the Maternity outpatient room I admit and counsel a woman who is unfortunately in the middle of every pregnant mom’s nightmare; an early miscarriage. These cases break my heart.

My last patient of the day is a mom who is 43 weeks pregnant. And I thought I was tired. She’s tucked in to maternity and will hopefully have a healthy baby in her arms soon.

I am home now resting, feeling a little dizzy after my blood donation. A healthy dinner is in the crockpot (I seriously love my crockpot), my kids are riding bikes in the front yard. God is good!




Step 3 is in Process

Step 3: Legal proof of Kenyan Citizenship. The final hearing was held in court today. We were expecting to receive the official  documents when we arrived at court, but instead we were told to come back on May 15th for the judge’s final ruling on the matter. Patience and prayers people, patience and prayers!

Once we have this document we will begin step 4: applying for a Kenyan passport. We have heard stories and we are preparing ourselves for frustration. Our goal is to handle each obstacle with grace.

Thank you for praying and we ask that you will continue to pray for God to grant us favor in each step along the way.